Lux Interior RIP

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Lux Interior dies at 60; founder, front man of punk band the Cramps

More Vinyl…

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Today is Devorah’s birthday! We have a fun afternoon planned at the Sciencenter. I’ll post pictures from this whole week this coming weekend.

Until then, here are a few new records:

I needed to replace my copy of Liquid Days because it started skipping.

Cabin Fever!

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Man! Winter is really wiping us out. The cold, the snow, the cold, and more snow. It’s been i-n-t-e-r-e-s-t-i-n-g to say the least. The hardest part is the lack of fresh produce. We’re definitely fat and happy, but only if we’re inside watching movies. Incidentally, that has become our routine and we’ve watched an impressive amount of films since moving here. Have I mentioned we watched the ENTIRE James Bond collection? Well, not the entire collection only up to the third Pierce Brosnan film. So, what’s that…17 altogether? Yeah, we’re regular social butterflies. I’m serious, snow does things to ones mind.

So, what’s new?

Eh, not too much. I finished up all my applications to residency programs and sent those out. Mostly, we’re just waiting until mid-March or so until we have a better idea of the direction our year will go. I’ll let you in on it when we hear anything.

I picked up a few records today. At some point, we are going to have books and vinyl on every wall in the house.

I also picked up a pressing of “Who’s Not Who in Athens, G-A”

R.I.P. Bettie Page

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Her agent, Mark Roesler, wrote this message on her website:

With deep personal sadness I must announce that my dear friend and client Bettie Page passed away at 6:41pm PST this evening in a Los Angles hospital. She died peacefully but had never regained consciousness after suffering a heart attack nine days ago.

She captured the imagination of a generation of men and women with her free spirit and unabashed sensuality. She is the embodiment of beauty.


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Happy Post-Thanksgiving

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Here’s an unfinished post from after Thanksgiving. More to come…

Wow. What a wonderful holiday. I hope everyone had a great time with family and friends. We were lucky to have my mom and grandma in town for a few days, so this month has been hectic: painting the living room, cleaning the whole house, preparing Thanksgiving dinner. I’ve been working at a temp agency for a few months now and had been laid off from my most recent gig for about 2 weeks. Everything worked out though since that gave me enough time at home to paint the entire living room. We’ve been holding off on it since that’s where the majority of our stuff is and we weren’t looking forward to covering everything up for a week. The time off let me take care of everything and gave Devorah a chance to not stress out about it. The paint makes a huge difference. We went with a peachy/ salmon color because our living room tends to feel cavernous and dark. It’s a lot warmer now and brighter due to the bright white ceiling. It feels great to have the whole house finished. Now, we can worry about decorating and hanging artwork.

Hello Winter…

•November 18, 2008 • 2 Comments

There’s snow on the ground and it’s not just a dusting. Yesterday, the area was coated with the fat version of snowflake (my favorite!). Devorah experienced her first ride as passenger while I drove through it last night. “How do you focus on the road, when all you can see are snowflakes?” Good question. We live up on the hill, so the drive down to Ithaca in the snow at night can be arduous.

The living room is painted, finally, after living here for a few months. It turned out better than we had hoped as it really warms up the room. Our apartment is a renovated attic, so it had the tendency to feel like a cave at times. Now we can finally unpack the rest of our things. We’d like to have everything in order by the time my mom and grandma come to visit for Thanksgiving. Hopefully…

If you check out my Flickr, you’ll notice that I’ve uploaded some new sketches. I’m going to try to work on a sketch a day to stay focused and motivated.